Adoption / Foster Application

Please complete this application with as much detail as possible. There are many questions -- and some may seem quite personal in nature -- but we take our responsibility of matching each Kuvasz with the right home most seriously. We do not believe that adoptive homes or rescue dogs are one-size-fits-all.  Please take the extra time and care, now, to fill out this application so that we can make sure the right dog spends a lifetime with you.  

After we receive your application, an Adoption Coordinator will review it and contact you if there are any questions or concerns or simply contact you to confirm receipt of your application. Please be patient, as it may take as long as three days for us to contact you. You can anticipate that we will also contact your Veterinarian, your personal references and arrange for a home evaluation. If you do not receive a call or email regarding your application, please contact us.

Are you interested in:*
If you are applying for a specific dog, please note his/her name.
Do you have a gender preference?
Would you consider a kuvasz mix?
What age are you interested in? Select all that apply.
Would you consider a special needs dog? Select all that apply
What dog behavior do you find objectionable? e.g. Chewing, Digging, Barking, Drooling, Shedding Licking, Smell, etc.
If you are willing to take a dog with temperament issues, please indicate any behavior you are comfortable dealing with.


Your First Name*
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Street Address
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Home Phone:
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Work Phone
If you plan to take your dog to work, we need employer information to verify acceptance.
List other adult members of your household or individuals that will have constant contact with your dog.
List children and ages that live in the home or will have constant contact with our dog
Does anyone in your home have an allergy to pet hair? if yes, explain below.
Explanation of pet hair allergy.
Is there anyone in your home or that will have contact with the dog that has been convicted or charged with cruelty to animals or domestic violence?
If you answered yes above, please explain


Describe your current residence
Do you own or rent?
Have you verified that you will not be violating any local ordinances, association by-laws, tneancy rules, etc. related to the number or size of dogs you are permitted to have in your house?
If you RENT, do you have landlord permission to have a large or giant dog?
Landlord contact information:
Do you have a fence?
If you have a fence, note the type and height.
If you do not have a fence, how will you handle exercise and toilet duties?
If you move due to military service, job transfer, or other reason, what do you intend to do with your dog?
Do all residents in your home want a Kuvasz?
If someone in the household does not, please explain:
If there is no one home during the day, what are your work hours?
On average, how many hours a day will the dog spend alone?
Who will care for your dog in your absence?
Where will the dog stay during the day
Where will the dog stay at night?
While inside the dog will have:
Comments on the inside access
What type of vehicle will you use to transport your Kuvasz (make-model)? If a pick-up, where will the dog ride?
Please describe any aspects of your home that concern you if you get a dog. (antiques, carpet, etc)


What is your activity level?
What activities do you hope to share with your Kuvasz? (select all that apply)
Other planned activities:
If you have other dogs, list breed, age and gender
If you have other dogs, are they spayed or neutered?
Explain your above answer if necessary.
If you do not currently own a dog, have you ever had a dog in the past?
What happened to any previous dogs in the last 10 years. Be specific
List any other pets in your household.
Name and Contact information for current / planned veterinarian or vet clinic.


Use the next 3 questions to list persons unrelated to you who are familiar with you and your previous pets. (For example, neighbors, pet sitters, consulting veterinarians, obedience instructors)

Reference #1
Reference #2
Reference #3
Do you agree to have a representative of the KRF visit your home by appointment?
Explain why you want a Kuvasz.
I understand that as a Kuvasz owner, I will be required to:
Any other information or comments you wish to share?

I understand that by submitting this form, I am electronically signing this application. I further understand that the Kuvasz Rescue Foundation may require a copy of an actual signed application prior to release of the dog for foster/adoption. *

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