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Winifred “Wini” is a 4 year old spayed female Kuvasz. She grew up with another Kuvasz with an older woman in a suburban home and fenced backyard. The woman had to be removed from her home due to medical issues and they had to be placed in another home. She was placed with her sister with a couple who have a farm home and the loved her and she slept by their bed. She got along with her “sister” and the couples neutered male standard poodle, but fought with their neutered male Pyr. She was uninterested in the farm animals but she killed one of their cats. She was then returned to rescue. Since being in rescue at the CCGPC she has really attached herself to the owner Kathy and loves her. She will readily attach to her person or couple. She was good with me, and let me pet her and was happy to go lay down and do her own thing, keeping watch.

We need to have her go to a Kuvasz rescue or foster home, or find a new home for her. Any thought or ideas would be great! The Pyr rescue she is at has a full rescue of 9 -10 pyrs they are trying to place.

My phone number at home is 360-263-5188


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